Septic System Installations Brantford

If you are in the market for a new septic system installation, septic repair or replacement in Brantford, then give our team at MJS Enterprises a call; we offer competitive prices, we are familiar with the local building code, and we can remove your old system and help design and install a a new septic system. 

Just looking for some annual maintenance and inspections?  Call the office to setup an appointment.

Note - We do not do septic pumping but can recommend reliable partners to handle that part of the job. 

We will handle the septic tank installation (if purchasing a new tank) or can help repair your current system. Depending on the condition of your current septic tank, a new one may be in order. 

Septic System Installations

    •    Design


    •    Installation 


    •    Repair


It all comes down to the ground and soil you are on, the size of your building it will be servicing, and the flow rate. 

The best kind of land for a conventional septic tank is sandy soil with low silt content. If you do not have have sandy land (clay / high water table) not to worry, we will import sand or raise your system to ensure you get the best results.

The size of the septic system comes down to the size of the building it is servicing and the usage. We also takes into consideration the T-Time of the soil and the daily flow rates.  

Other information that goes into our septic design / placement is certain clearance from wells, springs, reservoirs, rivers, lakes, swimming pools, property lines and other buildings. We will ensure to place the tank where the system can meet all requirements.


Here are a few types of the septic systems used today that we routinely repair and maintain.


              • Consisting of a leaching field and septic tank, a trenchbeds is the most common option for systems. 


     Filter beds

           • Using a continuous layer of stone on specialized sand with pipes or chambers on very close centres.

           • Filterbeds use a continuous layer of stone and specialized sand. 

     Advanced Treatment Systems (Tertiary)


            • Advanced Treatment Systems require regular maintenance. This type of system treats waste prior to entering the ground. 

Septic System Repair | Brantford 

Not in the market to replace your system but need septic tank repair? Not a problem. We got you covered. In our many years of repairing systems we can assure you that your system failed because of one of three issues - Hydraulic Overload, Roots, or Damage. 

Here are a few indicators that you some repairs on your septic system.

  • Wetness (or puddling) on top of your bed area

  • Smells / Odours – any smell coming from the bed area or break out.

  • Slow or no draining

  • Wetness (or puddling) on top of your septic tank

Call us immediately if you notice any leaking pipes. As home owners you need to stay on top of system maintenance, line repair, and the drain field. 

MJS Enterprises takes care of existing septic tank systems, septic care, commercial septic systems, residential septic as well as storm and sanitary sewer line repair. 

Give us a call if you are in the Brantford or Brant County area and are in need of a new septic tank or repair. 

We also provide septic system inspections (link to other page) for clients.
septic system inspections