Septic System Inspection


A Septic System is one of the essential and often neglected parts of any residential or commercial properties. If you are looking for a septic contractor, MJS Enterprises is here to help!


A septic system is composed of a septic tank that collects the waste coming from kitchens, bathrooms, and washing stations. There is an opening at both ends. One end is connected to the source which accepts the wastewater, and at the opposite end, the effluent flows into the drain field or leach field. MJS Enterprises inspects all septic system components, including seepage pits, distribution box, water supply, tank, and drainfield.   


Septic inspection is an important job for homeowners. Thankfully, there is a home inspection company that can do the job of conducting your inspection in the Brantford-Brant area.  MJS Enterprises Inc is your one-stop shop when it comes to home inspection services.  We provide various kinds of services, and septic system inspection is just one of them.  We can service all types of septic systems. We do not offer septic pumping, but are happy to refer a trusted contractor. 

Why Consider MJS Enterprises Inc?

1. Your septic system can become clogged over time, which may or may not be noticeable. Unfortunately, once the build-up reaches a certain point, it is no longer possible to repair it. Not only is replacing the septic system costly, but the waste that has been leaking into the ground can cause environmental hazards.

2. We are a licensed septic company in the Brantford area that offers septic inspection. We have extensive experience in the industry, and are proud to offer the best service in the Brant County area. We are a reliable and trustworthy company, servicing the area for over 20 plus years. 

Septic inspections are essential if you are a property owner. Tree roots penetrating pipes, clogged drains, and a malfunctioning pump chamber are just some issues that can arise with your septic system. It is best to stay on top of your system to prevent damage and save you money in the long run. 

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