The importance of Foundation Drainage System

Every year water drainage problems causes tens of thousands of dollars in damages for homeowners. To prevent serious damage and to maintain stability and integrity in your home, you need to insure you properly control water and water proof your foundation and make sure you have the correct drain systems in place to prevent drainage. Foundation drainage system is designed to move water away from your homes foundation. Regardless of any water proofing system you may have on your foundation, a drainage solution is a must, or your water will overcome the foundation. Besides heavy rain, run off water and underground water are the main contributors to a wet basement. Ensuring your foundation has proper drainage is the solution to keeping your basement dry. At MJS Enterprises, we ensure that the proper slope is in place to rid your property of excess water.




Our foundation drainage system includes:

Surface Water Drainage

Channel Drains

Foundation Drainage Boards

Drain Pipes Set Alongside your Foundations Footings


In some cases, we may have to install a dry well to remove additional excess water or a nearby ditch to run it off. Foundation drain and perimeter drain is too imporant to ignore. Surface drainage will prevent water leaking into your basement and crawl space. Foundational waterproofing will prevent foundation leaks.


Making sure you have the correct amount of draining for your home is the key factor in a foundation water proofing system. Give MJS a call to help you eliminate any worries of water damage and to ensure the foundation drainage system for your house is sufficient.


MJS Enterprises services Brantford, Brant County and surrounding area.

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