Septic System Installations Brant County

If you are in need of a septic system installation, replacement or septic repair in Brant County, hire the professional team at MJS Enterprises Inc. We will design and install a new septic system, or install one of your designs. We also will provide inspections and annual maintenance, excluding septic pumping. 


If you are looking for a new septic system, an upgrade, or repair to your current septic system, MJS would love to help. We are happy to look at your site and recommend a septic system and design that will meet authority requirements and suit your needs! We can provide a whole new septic system installation, septic repair, as well as replace any septic tank systems. At MJS Enterprises, we also do a sewer hook up. 






    •    Design


    •    Installation 


    •    Repair


MJS Enterprises will create a custom design for your septic

system depending on the type of soil in the ground. Optimum

soil for septic systems are sandy soil with low silt content.

In the county, water issues can be problematic. If you have

a high water table or clay soil, we will either import sand or

raise your septic system to ensure it works properly. 


The septic system size will be based on the size of the

building it services, and also based on daily design flow

and the T-Time of the soil. 


All systems require a certain clearance from rivers, lakes,

springs, reservoirs, swimming pools, wells, buildings, and

property lines. We will try to locate the system where it is

aesthetically most pleasing and can meet all requirements. 



The following are brief descriptions of the main systems

used today, which MJS Enterprises can repair and maintain.




                 •   Filterbeds use a continuous layer of stone on 750mm of very specialized sand with pipes or chambers on very close centres. 

                 •   Filterbeds use a continuous layer of stone and specialized sand.





                •    Trenchbeds are the most common option for systems, consisting of a leaching field and septic tank. 



     Advanced Treatment Systems (Tertiery)


                •    Advanced Treatment Systems treat waste prior to entering the ground. These systems will require regular maintenance.




MJS Enterprises can repair or replace your septic system. The three common reasons systems fail: Hydraulic Overload (build-up of biomatter, unable to release effluent into the subsoil, which subsequently backs up), and Tree Roots and Damage.  


If you have any of the following signs, you may require a septic system repair:


    •    Odours – any smell coming from the bed area or break out.

    •    Wetness or puddling of water on top of the bed area

    •    Puddling or wetness over the top of the septic tank

    •    Slow draining


  It is of the utmost importance to maintain your septic repairs. If you have leaking pipes, immediately service it. Regularly check if you need pipe repair, line repair and examine the drain field. MJS Enterprises can handle all types of septic care, and can maintain existing septic tank systems, commercial septic systems, residential septic systems, and storm and sanitary sewer line repair.


If you would like your tank pumped, or are in need of septic cleaning, MJS Enterprises will give you a trusted referral to a local company who provides this service as we do not. 

Septic System Installations Brant County